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Alton walk behind floor scrubber A6 advantages

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Alton walk behind floor scrubber A6 advantages

Alton walk behind floor scrubber A6 self-walking ability is strong, can achieve self-running function in the cement floor, easy to operate.

1. The device is equipped with two maintenance-free batteries, which can work continuously for 3-5 hours after a single charge.

2. Well-known brand intelligent charger, after work charging, unplug use at work, electronic intelligent float charging, full of self-stop, less electricity self-charging, safe and convenient.

3. Electronic valve design, open brush automatic sprinkling, close brush automatic water off, no need to worry about forgetting to open or close the water.

4. Separate water tank design, the later maintenance cost is lower, more convenient maintenance.

5. Clean water tank 60L, sewage tank 65L, larger water tank, higher cleaning efficiency.

6. It is equipped with large power water absorbing motor imported from Amertek, which makes less noise, larger suction and stronger stability, and basically does not need to be replaced!

7. The brush motor adopts the best Hangzhou Hengye brush motor in China, which is stable and durable, with higher speed and cleaner brush effect.

8. High cost waterproof switch, higher protection electronic control system.

9. The new water tank adopts the thickened rolling material, and the external process adopts the international standard "Teflon". The shell of the machine is lubricated and shiny, with better oil resistance, dirt resistance, corrosion resistance, and more convenient scrubbing and maintenance in the later period.

10. The new wheel adopts the design of polyethylene anti-skid wheel, which perfectly solves the skid problem of epoxy resin, Paint, Marble, Tile and other floors!

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