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Cleaning effect is not good when your floor scrubber used for a long time?How to solve it

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Cleaning effect is not good when your floor scrubber used for a long time?How to solve it

Does the floor scrubber have a good cleaning effect after using it for a long time?How to solve it? I'm going to tell you how to solve it today.

The speed of using a floor scrubber to clean the ground is several times that of manual cleaning. A ground floor scrubber can replace several cleaners, which not only saves time and effort, but also saves a lot of money . Now the work efficiency of the floor scrubber has been greatly improved, and the work efficiency is higher. F or example, the hand type floor floor scrubber can clean the area of 2-3 thousand square meters in an hour. It is not faster than the manual cleaning, and it only uses the salary of a cleaner.

N ow let's analyze the cost of using the floor scrubber . Users w ho have used the floor scrubber know that the cost of using it is not high. In general, it costs 3-5 dollar of electricity every day .In terms of maintenance, according to our after-sales

analysis, the quality of many floor scrubber is relatively good now , and they can't be repaired several times a y ear. E xcept for the fragile parts, they are often replaced by accidents, and the others are very durable.

But some floor scrubber s w ill not clean w ell after being used for a long time. D o y ou know why ?The following is a detailed analysis to help y ou better use the floor scrubber .The details are as follow s for reference only :

1. The absorbent strip of the floor scrubber is damaged or has residue

When the cleaning power of the washing machine decreases, it is necessary to check the use of the absorbent strip  in time: check whether there is residue in the absorbent strip, if there is, it should be cleaned up in time;C heck whether the absorbent strip is damaged, damaged sealing will be affected, resulting in incomplete water absorption, unclean;Check whether the absorbent strip is parallel to the ground. If not, adjust the Angle of the absorbent strip first.

2. The brush plate of the floor scrubber is seriously worn and needs to be replaced in time

With the use time getting longer and longer, the floor scrubber will also have different degrees of  ear phenomenon, so how do w e judge the degree of wear so as to replace the floor scrubber ?According to the analysis of our company 's after-sales master over the y ears, the best way to meet this problem is to take off the brush plate to check. If the length of the bristles is less than 37.5px, it needs to be replaced with a new brush plate in time, so as not to affect the cleaning effect.

With the continuous growth of the service life of the floor scrubber , the phenomenon of aging and w ear of various p arts and components will continue to appear, resulting in the gradual decline of cleaning strength, which requires us to carefully check, aging or severely worn parts need to be replaced in time, so as to better use y our floor scrubber .

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