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Daily maintenance of the Floor scrubber

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Daily maintenance of the Floor scrubber

The Floor scrubber is a necessary cleaning machine in the cleaning industry. It is a device that combines floor scrubbing and water absorption. Floor scrubbers can artificially increase the cleaning power, but such convenient cleaning equipment has a key problem - the consumption of wearing parts. Today, we will explain to you which parts of the Floor scrubber belong to the wearing parts, and the daily maintenance of the wearing parts.

First of all, the wearing parts of the Floor scrubber mainly include brush, pad holder and absorbent rubber strip. In general, the machine's brush and pad holder should be replaced every six months (in the case of standard operation, the change depends on the user's frequency of use and the texture of the floor); The absorbent rubber strip of the Floor scrubber should be replaced every 3-4 months.

Secondly, the consumption rate of absorbent rubber strips and brush of the Floor scrubber is also related to its own quality and clean ground environment. Generally speaking, in epoxy floor, marble, terrazzo, floor tile and other smooth floor,brush and adhesive strip can be used for a long time, and in cement ground or other uneven rough hard texture, the use of time is shorter.

In addition to the wearing parts mentioned above, there are also some other wearing parts, such as: wheels, filters, water pipes, seals and so on. After we use the Floor scrubber every day, we need to rinse the water tank with clean water, because some cleaners used for cleaning the floor stay on the suction pipe and sewage pipe for a long time, which will damage the water pipe. Daily cleaning will extend the service life of such wearing parts; What's more,to prevent stains from clogging the strainer and causing no drainage,you need clean the filter after use.

In short, the user must operate the Floor scrubber according to the standard. Since most of the problems of the Floor scrubber are caused by improper operation, it is necessary to clean the Floor scrubber after using it, so as to reduce the consumption rate of wearing parts and extend the service life of the Floor scrubber.

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