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Daily protection and maintenance of Ride-on floor scrubber

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Daily protection and maintenance of Ride-on floor scrubber

Ride-on floor scrubber has been widely used in factory production workshop, food processing, purifying workshop, airport, sports venues, municipal, city, electricity and cutting-edge five-star hotel half open square, underground parking, channel building and other places of large area cleaning time cycle of the earth.

Ride-on floor scrubber using convenient and quick, but in order to protect the Ride-on floor scrubber life, the daily maintenance  is indispensable.For this purpose, Alton specially produced a maintenance instruction for the Ride-on floor scrubber.

First, daily protection and maintenance

1.Before maintaining or cleaning the Ride-on floor scrubber, close the power supply  and disconnect the power plug so as to prevent accidental electric shock or parts damage.

2.Drain sewage box and water in water, wash clean with water.Check the sewage tank for debris, if any, please remove immediately.

3.Improve the brush plate and water components from the ground, with a wet towel to wipe scraping, check whether marginal sharp article, if there is any breakage, please turn to use or replace.

4.The machine with specific cleaner brush try clean and charging the battery.

Second, the protection and maintenance of a month

1.Regularly wipe the battery with a dry rag to ensure that the battery is clean.Prevent particles from entering the battery, blocking the exhaust hole and affecting the normal operation.

2.Clean the suction filter, sometimes occur some sediment and weaken the blot effect, please  use water  to clean screen pack of the activity and the periodically check, sometimes blocked by impurities water filter, in the process of cleaning the floor, influence of water flow out.

3.Check to see if the suction, grilled clean, clean cohesion bibulous steak suction pipe;Check the wear of brush plate and suction strip once a week, if the ground is pole grinding, the strong pressure on the ground will  damage  these accessories or make them wear faster.

4.Check the battery connection wire is loose or corrosion, machine whether fasteners loose.

5.All smooth shaft in particular smooth oil.

Third, the maintenance of the motor and battery

1.Motor for every 250 hours after use, should check the motor carbon brush.If the carbon brush is severely worn, please contact the manufacturer to replace it.

2.The top of the battery and electrode must be corrosion resistant, available soda corrosion resistance, a nd stained with soda water brush to brush the part battery and battery connection line.

3.Check the battery connection line for wear and touch a loose, please replace if necessary.

Fourth, machine is stored

1.The machine should be placed in a dry and ventilated place to prevent the humid environment from affecting the motor and shortening its life.

2.At the end of the operation, need to increase the brush plate and water wiper components from the ground.

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