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Features of the ride-on scrubber Elton A-9R

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Features of the ride-on scrubber Elton A-9R

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1. The fuselage adopts a streamlined appearance design with harmonious color matching.

2. According to the ergonomic design, the body is small and exquisite, and the weight is evenly distributed on the three wheels, which ensures the flexible steering of the machine and the clear vision of the operator.

3. The high-efficiency and high-efficiency vacuum suction motor is adopted, and the working noise is extremely low.

4. The scraper is made of all stainless steel, which is strong, reliable and safe; the curved scraper system design ensures the best water absorption effect; it is more than 2kg heavier than similar products, and the water absorption strip is closer to the ground and can absorb sewage better.

5. Use super large capacity battery, single battery capacity can reach 200Ah, (continuous working time more than 6 hours).

6. The screw-type sewage tank sealing cover ensures the water absorption effect, and the large opening design makes cleaning more convenient.

7. The air suction port is located at the point of the sewage tank to prevent foam inhalation and effectively protect the water suction motor.

8. Fool-proof protection socket, automatically disconnect the power of the machine when charging, effectively preventing misoperation.

9. The brush plate and water-absorbing belt can be quickly replaced without tools, which greatly improves work efficiency; the water-absorbing tape is resistant to acid, alkali, and oil, and has a low loss rate, saving user costs.

The standard configuration:

1. 1 stainless steel spatula

2. 4 maintenance-free batteries, 1 24V/25A charger

3. 2 brush boards (or needle boards)

Using the ride-on scrubber Alton A-9R

Scrubbing and drying are completed once, and the ground after washing and drying is as clean as new.Dirty water, mud, sand, oil are all sucked into the sewage tank; it can clean floors of different materials, such as epoxy floor, painted floor, concrete, tile floor, etc.

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