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Hand-pushed electric Floor scrubber T5 commissioning and delivery

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Hand-pushed electric Floor scrubber T5 commissioning and delivery

T5 hand pushed Floor scrubber, self-walking performance is good, using two units industry 100AH 12V maintenance free battery, this equipment is affordable, cost-effective!

Summary of performance and characteristics of Alton T5 hand push washing machine as below:
1. T5 hand-pushed Floor scrubber adopts 2units 12V100AH maintenure-free batteries, which can be used for 4-5 hours after a single charge, and the battery life is longer, usually up to 3-5 hours,It have longer service time and more durable products than other brands in the same industry!
2. T5 hand push type Floor scrubber adopts the same working efficiency in the industry 500W Ameterk imported Vacuum motor, this type of Vacuum motor has better silent effect, lower failure rate, longer service life for our automatic Floor scrubber escort!
4. T5 hand push type Floor scrubber adopts 560MM cleaning width brush in the industry, so that the cleaning efficiency of T5 hand push type Floor scrubber reaches 2400 square meters per hour!
5. T5 hand push Floor scrubber adopts weighted cast aluminum Squeegee, also adopts tool-free replacement of rubber strip design, so that you usually replace the rubber strip more simple and faster.The weight of the weighted cast aluminum water strip is heavier and the water absorption effect is better.Water strip is designed for 830MM width, so that water absorption is more comprehensive, absolutely no residue!
6. T5 hand push type Floor scrubber adopts polyethylene rolling plastic water tank, the cleaning water tank capacity is 60L, the sewage tank capacity is 65L, the larger water tank capacity ensures the greater efficiency of the equipment, no longer need to worry about the tank is too small, frequent water change trouble!
7. At the beginning of the design of T5 hand push Floor scrubber, we have been tested repeatedly on various aspects of the equipment. This model can realize self-walking function on the ordinary ground, so that you can buy the self-propelled washing machine easily at the price of hand push Floor scrubber!

T5 hand push floor washer has obtained the European CE export certification, and the products are sold at home and abroad.Big brands, high quality standards for your choice to escort!

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