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How to correctly choose the cleaning pad of the floor scrubber

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CLEAN PAD IS mainly used for the use of needle tray, used for floor, floor tile cleaning waxing polishing of a cleaning appliance, so that the ground clean more bright. Generally according to the actual situation of the ground needs to be cleaned to equip which color of the hundred clean pad, of course, the traditional plate color of the deeper the hardness of the higher wear-resistant degree is also higher, from soft to hard sequently divided into: white, red, black.

The white sheet is widely used in the waxing and decontamination of ceramic polishing bricks and is the waxing consumable of polishing brick waxing machine. Suitable for medium soft floor polishing.

Red for the removal of slight scratches and Hou, the formation of smooth shiny bright face. It is used for daily cleaning and polishing.

The black pad is wear-resistant and durable. It is mainly used to clean the thick stained floor and is used to start the first stage of grinding. Designed for heavy duty wet waxing. Effective removal of wax, stains and smooth coating.

The pad is made of high-density melamine foam combined with special materials to significantly improve its wear resistance and durability. Its OPEN HOLE STRUCTURE PENETRATES DEEPLY TO THE SURFACE OF MICRO-HOLE FLOOR, ABSORBS DIRT AND water, erASES UGLY MARK, WON'T DAMAGE FLOOR PROTECTION. Ideal for cleaning large surface areas such as shopping malls, hotel lobbies, dust-free workshops, warehouses and swimming pools.

Nanjing Alton reminds that for different ground types, the severity of dirt needs to learn to choose different cleaning pads to clean the operation, if the choice is not right, the cleaning effect may be greatly discounted.

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