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How to do the routine maintenance of the floor scrubber?

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How to do the routine maintenance of the floor scrubber?

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Floor scrubber has been widely used in hotels, stores, hospitals, shopping malls, factories, schools and other places, becoming one of the commonly used cleaning equipment. Routine maintenance of the scrubber can extend the life of the machine, save the cost of use and improve efficiency.

So how do we carry out the routine maintenance and maintenance of the scrubber?

Daily cleaning equipment general guidelines on maintenance

1, Empty and clean the sewage tank

In the process of scrubber work will absorb the water mixture containing sludge, they are very easy to accumulate in the tank and emit an unpleasant smell.

2, Empty the fresh water tank

If the scrubber does not perform cleaning work every day, the non-flowing water will become a source of bacteria. Therefore, emptying the water tank is very necessary.

3, Remove the needle plate/pad for inspection

Take down the pacifier pad for inspection and cleaning, if the wear left one-third, please replace the pacifier pad in time to prevent wear needle plate, thus reducing maintenance costs.

4, Cleaning suction steak rubber strip

After the cleaning of the suction steak rubber strip, the suction steak component will be placed in a raised position to prevent damage to the rubber strip.

5, Wipe the machine shell

Use multi-purpose cleaner and a damp cloth to wipe the machine shell to keep the appearance of clean. (Note: When cleaning the machine, please do not rinse the machine with high pressure spray or water hose, this may lead to electrical system failure.)

Monthly maintenance and servicing.

1, Clean the clear water filter

Clear water filter will be blocked by water impurities, resulting in the process of cleaning the ground, affecting the flow of water. Cleaning the float located in the sewage tank

2, check and clean the sewage tank cover seal

Check and clean the sewage tank cover seal to maintain a good sealing performance to achieve good water absorption effect.

3, Check the electric battery

Clean the top of the battery to prevent electrode corrosion and check whether the battery wiring is loose; maintain good power storage performance and extend the service life of the battery.

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