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How to solve the problem of ride-on floor scrubber

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How to solve the problem of ride-on floor scrubber

First. Insufficient water on the brush.

  1. Check the the water valve has been opened

  2, check the amount of water in the water tank

  3, check whether the water filter is clean

  4. Check whether the pipe conveying water to the brush is blocked.

Second, the machine cleaning is not complete

       Check brushes for wear and replace them as needed (brushes should be replaced when bristles are less than 15mm in length).Replace it with another brush of the same size.For cleaning tasks on truly filthy ground, special brush shall be used.

Three, the water absorption effect is not good

  1. Check whether the rubber strip is clean.Is there any solid residue left in it?

  2. Replace the damaged rubber strip.Adjust the Angle of suction squeegee.For correct use, the suction strip should be adjusted according to the wear of the rubber strip height.

  3, check whether the suction pipe has been correctly inserted into the entrance of the sewage tank.

  4. Remove the suction unit and wash them.

   5.check whether the suction motor switch has been opened.

  6. Check the adjustment of the water Pickering wheel.

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