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Knowledge of floor scrubber

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Knowledge of floor scrubber

1. What is a floor scrubber?

The floor scrubber  is a kind of cleaning machine, which can clean hard ground and suck up sewage at the same time. The floor scrubber  is mainly used to clean indoor marble, ceramic tile, rubber floor, carpet, outdoor white quartz, cement floor. Before use, pay attention to whether the chassis is firmly installed, and select the corresponding grinding pieces according to the ground material. High usage rate, put the signage before use, the wire should be on the shoulder, to avoid the wire involved in the machine.

2. Where is the ground floor scrubber used

Floor scrubber is a high-tech, high-efficiency cleaning equipment, the most suitable cleaning area: cement, granite, marble, ceramic, SLATE and other hard ground and weak floor. Simple and easy to operate; Low maintenance cost; High efficiency, better cleaning effect; Save consumables, labor costs, 6-40 times faster than labor speed); Clean large area, create profit, save cost. According to the driving mode of the floor scrubber , there are semi-automatic and fully automatic floor scrubber ; According to the style of floor scrubber , there are folding type, hand push type, driving type, etc.; According to the diversity of functions, there is a multi-functional floor scrubber .

3. Price of the floor scrubber  

The floor scrubber  is a collection of spraying, washing, sewage recycling into a full automatic cleaning equipment. It is equipped with brush plate motor, brush plate, water absorption motor. It is mainly composed of brush plate, clean water tank, sewage tank, power supply, control part, water absorbing motor, water absorbing strip, main wheel, universal wheel, drive motor and so on. A brief analysis of the price of the floor scrubber  . First of all, the price of the semi-automatic floor scrubber   with the same working width is a little cheaper than that of the full automatic, but the difference is not big. According to the work width, work efficiency, motor speed and other different prices are also different.

4. Life of the ground floor scrubber  

The battery storage capacity of different models of the ground floor scrubber  is also different, which is generally 100A ~ 150A a battery, 12V. In theory, this battery can be used for 4 hours. In practice, the normal continuous use time is generally about 3 ~ 3.5 hours. At the same time, the dirt degree of cleaning the ground also has an impact on the power consumption of the machine. The maintenance of the floor scrubber  is also very important, as is the maintenance of the battery.

5. Master the safe charging and maintenance of the floor scrubber  

The liquid level of the floor scrubber bottle should be checked every 10 days. If the liquid level is close to the lead plate and the plate cannot be exposed in the air, distilled water should be added to the battery in time, and the water should be added to about 3 mm below the plastic mouth. Purified water or battery stock solution can not be added. As for charging time, you can charge the battery after work each day and disconnect the power before work the next morning. When fully charged, the charger automatically stops charging. Please add water to the battery after charging.

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