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Maintenance of Floor scrubber Vacuum motor

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Maintenance of Floor scrubber Vacuum motor

       Today we talk about the most common and most headaches Vacuum motor problem, whether it is washed, or Vacuum motor is always bad, not only a customer, even a lot of maintenance person are not necessarily know that the main source of the problem, a lot of people always think is motor quality problem, but this is also the one hand, today Let us clearly understand the maintenance and maintenance methods of the Vacuum motor of the Floor scrubber .

       1. The main function of the Vacuum motor is suction and water absorption. Generally, our places are dirty. Therefore, the Vacuum motor is generally opened once every 3 months or so, and removed with a blowing gun for many times to prevent the Vacuum motor from being badly discharged and the motor from burning out due to the motor dust and too much debris. The most important is that if there is no regular cleaning for a long time, there will be a reduction in water absorption, water suction and so on. Regular cleaning of the Vacuum motor can also make the washing machine achieve the best water absorption effect, but also can increase the service life of the Vacuum motor.

      2. The carbon brush of the Vacuum motor should be replaced in time. The carbon brush of the Vacuum motor is the main structure in the operation of the Vacuum motor, and the general service life is 6 months to 1 year. Therefore, when the water absorption effect is not good because of air leakage and water absorption adhesive strip, it is better for you to maintain your Vacuum motor.

     3. In the use of the Floor scrubber , try not to wash the ground without water release, which is easy to cause the heat of the Vacuum motor and burn the motor, and the dust on the ground will immediately be inhaled into the motor, which will lead to the Vacuum motor does not absorb water or even burn out for a long time.

      4. After using the water absorbing rubber strip of the Floor scrubber , the inside should be replaced immediately or directly. The bottom wheel should also be cleaned in time, otherwise, if the pressure of the water absorbing rubber strip is domestic, the bottom pressure will be too high, can also lead to a humming or dull sound of the Vacuum motor, which also standard your Vacuum motor at high power operation, easy to burn out your Vacuum motor.

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