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Maintenance of the Walk-behind floor scrubber

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Maintenance of the Walk-behind floor scrubber

With the continuous improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection,Walk-behind floor scrubber will replace our essential facilities for cleaning the environment. With a good quality Walk-behind floor scrubber, it is just the premise, the most impor tant thing is;How can we use it well, maintain it well, , this is the key, then I will introduce the  maintenance of Walk-behind floor scrubber to you a few of our own experience summed up in the maintenance process.


Every day we use the equipment, the rag to wipe several parts of the machine.

1. The body of the machine is wiped.

2. Sewage tank wipe, in the sewage tank wipe, to avoid the closure of the rubber strip caused by loss, slack.

3. The water absorption party wipe, after each use of equipment, the water absorption party off, with water, to rinse, important irrigation, the bottom of the earth, and garbage debris.

4. The motor of the wipe, in the process of wiping the motor, need to pay attention to the use of dry rags, so as to ensure that the motor in the cleaning process, not easy to water.

Two, basic maintenance:

1. The motor, in use for about half a year, to observe the sound of the motor, and the speed, generally, the carbon brush in the motor, the service life is about half a year.If there is an abnormality in the motor around the time range of use, the carbon brush should be removed.

Third, daily maintenance:

1, Every time after using the equipment, to check the wheel of the machine, to see whether the wheel is wrapped with rope, fine wire, hair, and other fiber items, to be cleaned in time.

2. Lubricating oil should be timely on some parts, such as wheels and scraping adjusting screws.Brush the disc adjusting screw.

Four. Replacement of consumables:

1. Brush, the use cycle of brush is generally about 3 months, the bristles are generally left abo ut 1 cm, need to be replaced with a new brush.

2 Scraping, scraping cycle, generally 3 months, scraping the need to replace the standard is scraping and fixed scraping iron frame, iron frame below about 1 cm, need to replace a new scraping.

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