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Maintenance rules of Ride-on floor scrubber

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 Maintenance rules of Ride-on floor scrubber

The Ride-on floor scrubber, is a large cleaning equipment for manual operation of the steering wheel to clean the ground. The characteristics of the Ride-on floor scrubber are that it can clean a large area of the ground at a time, because of its high working efficiency. Usually, a Ride-on floor scrubber can clean the ground up to thousands of square meters per hour.

Secondly, the Ride-on floor scrubber saves labor and does not need to carry out other operations manually. Only simple operation of the steering wheel and operation button can solve the cleaning work. The climbing height of the Ride-on floor scrubber is generally not more than 20 degrees, so it can be easily controlled in the ground cleaning, parking lot and other environments. When we operate the Ride-on floor scrubber , we should pay attention to not exceeding the maximum height.

After the use of the Ride-on floor scrubber , the first thing to do is to empty the sewage tank. In the working process of the floor scrubber, the sewage tank will inhale a lot of mixed debris. If it accumulates for a long time, it will give off an unpleasant smell, which will have an impact on the machine and its use in the next time. Emptying the sewage tank in time after use is a very important protection for the washing machine.

After using the Ride-on floor scrubber , it is necessary to empty the water in the water tank. Otherwise, the long-term accumulation of clean water and some cleaning agents will also make the water deteriorate, and the next time you use it, it may block the sprinkler pipe. Check whether there is blockage and filter net, clean up in time, so as not to make the suction suction less clean sewage, etc.

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