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Performance characteristics and technical advantages of ALTON A-9R floor scrubber

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Performance characteristics and technical advantages of ALTON A-9R floor scrubber

Today,we introduce to you the performance characteristics and technical advantages of our A-9R floor scrubber  

Performance features:

This intelligent floor scrubber is an ideal cleaning electric machine that is indispensable for cleaning the ground.Easy to drive, flexible operation, double brush plate design, cleaning efficiency is high.Good effect, the machine goes to clean clean, wash and blot the ground, no residual traces of water.Dirty water, soil and sand are all sucked into the sewage tank, especially for the greasy ground. After the machine is cleaned, it is as clean as new, which is beyond the reach of manual workers.Low cost of use.It is suitable for all walks of life, such as supermarkets, factory workshops, railway stations, subway stations, schools, warehouses and other ground use.

* product technology advantage:

*1. Personalized three-wheel design:

(driving type washing machine three-wheel design, light and flexible, can turn 360 degrees in situ, thoroughly solve the cleaning process left clean dead Angle, residual water suction is not clean and other problems)

*2. Automatic  lifting  system  for washing plate  and water absorption:

(Brush plate, water absorption automatic lifting system can effectively improve the ease of operation, better adjust the pressure of brush and water scraping, so that the ground cleaning cleaner, more powerful water absorption;The internal brush plate positioning device, easy to install the brush plate;External water retaining rubber strip, prevent splashing, with self-balancing device, can make the brush plate close to the ground)

*3. Aluminum brush plate cover and water absorbing grill system:

(improve the appearance of the equipment and better rust and anticorrosion effect, effectively improve the service life of accessories)

*4. Clear water level display system:

(adding water is more intuitive, effectively avoiding the overflow of water)

*5. Emergency braking system:

(in case of danger and emergency, you can directly press the red emergency brake button, which can instantly turn off all the power system of the equipment, automatically brake and lock the washing machine)

*6. Intelligent charger system:

(Using intelligent floating charging appliances, continuous charging ≥48 hours will not cause damage to the battery and charger.After work charging, work use, no longer worry about long time charging caused by battery charging bad phenomenon)

*7. Imported water absorption motor system:

(The United States Amerideg original imported suction motor, suction greater ≥500W, less noise ≤58dB(A), carbon brush longer life ≥3 years, failure and maintenance rate is lower)

*8. Imported rubber material suction rubber strip:

(using imported rubber material absorbent rubber strip, wear resistance ≥3-6 months (ordinary  domestic  rubber or silica gel material absorbent rubber strip general life ≥1-3 months), better oil resistance effect,  material  is  softer,  water absorption effect is better)

*9. Super large capacity battery system:

(Using four large capacity maintenance-free batteries, single 6V  capacity  ≥200AH,  four can reach 24V/00AH,  a charge of up to 4 hours, professional cycle battery, to provide lasting power, service life can reach ≥2 years)

*10. Mini body design system:

(The fuselage width 71CM, length 134CM, height 118CM, is the use of three-wheel design can pass in ≤1M aisle, dead Angle for 360 degrees in place rotation, better clean dead Angle and narrow area)

*11. Rollover separated water tank design system:

(The separated design of the rollover water tank and sewage tank is adopted, which can achieve many advantages such as express maintenance and express battery replacement on the basis of reducing the maintenance co st)

*12. Water suction strip flexible adjustment design system:

(The inclination Angle and pressure of the glue side of the water suction strip can be adjusted. The water suction pickling head is equipped with a bracket wheel, which can get better working stability.Water suction strip adjustable ≥25 degrees)

*13. Brush plate integrated design system:

(Integrated design, each component can be easily disassembled, repair, maintenance, can be completed in a short time of equipment maintenance and repair, do not occupy the normal working time)

*14. Weighted aluminum parabolic type water absorbing strip system:

(Weighted aluminum parabolic type water absorbing grill, better sealing effect, water absorbing cleaner)

*15. Water scraper bracket wheel design system:

(can freely adjust the height of the water scraper, the maximum adjustable 3-4 cm high.Reduce the weight of water  raking up to 30KG, the use of equipment is easier, more energy saving.Can also be adjusted according to the wear of the water adhesive strip, better provide the service life and water absorption effect of the water adhesive strip)

*16. Super large water tank capacity design system:

(large water tank, can work for a long time, do not need to add water back and forth, water release, so that the cleaning efficiency instantly increased 2 times, 110L water tank, sewage tank 120L, to meet the large area  cleaning  requirements,  a water cleaning area up to ≥4800m2/h, sewage tank is greater than 10L water tank scientific design, To prevent the sewage tank overflow into the water absorption motor after it is full because the ground is too dirty and the water tank is too small, resulting in the damage of the water absorption motor)

*17. Waterproofing switch button system:

(simple and beautiful button switch, easy to operate.Strong waterproof effect, service life can reach ≥2 years)

*18. Super wide water-absorbing strip design system:

(The length of 1100CM water suction strip, the height is adjustable, equipped with anti-collision wheel, can be replaced with different hardness of water suction rubber strip, easy installation design of water suction rubber strip, so that the replacement of water suction rubber strip is simpler and time-saving)

*19. Brush plate water retaining skirt system:

(in the process of brushing the ground equipment automatically discharge water to scrub the ground, in the process of high-speed operation of the brush plate motor, the water throwing situation can be completely solved, so that the ground cleaning process does not flow residual, no water splash, no water mark dead Angle)

*20. Water absorption motor design system:

(Water absorption motor is placed in a lined with high sound absorption material water absorption system, noise is very low, and ensure the safety of water absorption motor)

*21. Traceless polyurethane big wheel design:

(non-skid design of non-skid polyurethane rear wheel, can make the equipment run very smoothly, with super skid resistance effect)

*22. Individual floating ball assembly design:

(personalized design of floating ball assembly, water absorption motor stops running after the sewage tank is full)

*23. Non-slip and non-mark polyurethane front wheel design:

(Non-slip design of the non-slip non-mark polyurethane front wheel, the use of the combined type of double wheel installation method, can make the equipment running very smoothly, with super sk id resistance effect)

*24. Key switch system:

(The use of key switch, improve the standardization of the use of staff, protect equipment shutdown and power safety.More effective to realize the use of equipment control)

* After-sales commitment of brand equipment:

*1. Equipment quality guarantee period: from the date of signing the acceptance report of the equipment into the school, the machine free warranty period is not less than 24 months.

*2. During the quality guarantee period, the supplier shall be responsible for any damage or failure caused by the structure, design, process and material defects of the equipment.The  main  parts  including brush  plate  motor,  water  absorption motor, brush plate lifting motor, water absorption lifting motor, walking motor,  battery,  water  tank and other main  parts within one year if there is any quality problem (except man -made), the spare parts can be provided with free replacement service;

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