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Precautions for factory Floor scrubber

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Precautions for factory Floor scrubber

Highly developed economy, rapid industrial development, factory ground cleaning is manual mop before, not only cleaning efficiency lower, cleaning effect can not meet the ideal requirements. The appearance of the floor scrubber solves this cleaning problem. The following matters need to be paid attention to when the floor scrubber is operated:

The sewage must be discharged before the water is filled to the floor scrubber , and the pipe mouth of the sewage must be tightly covered to prevent the bad water absorption effect. Follow the directions and fill up.

For the dirty ground,people can multiple times without absorbing water, and then make water absorption separately; Or choose different cleanser to improve the cleaning effect of washing the floor. Because of the uneven ground, sometimes after cleaning, the ground still have water, you can raise the brush, start the water absorption switch, promote the floor scrubber in the water area, repeated, many times to absorb.

The battery charging time of the floor scrubber should be about 8 hours. If the battery charging time is high current, it may be short, but the high current will damage the battery life. Pls don't over charge or over discharge, try your best  to prolong the battery life of floor scrubber.

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