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Precautions for using ride-on floor scrubber

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Precautions for using ride-on floor scrubber

No matter what mechanical equipment we use, there are certain precautions, and the  ride-on floor scrubber is no exception. The following is to talk about the problems that need to be paid attention to in the daily use of the ride-on floor scrubber. Always check the wear of the washing brush. If the length of the washing brush is seriously worn, it is necessary to replace the brush when it is less than 15mm.

If use a clean pad to determine whether it is suitable for the ground, if not sure please consult with our customer service, at the same time, the clean pad should also be regularly checked its wear, so as not to damage the Pad holder or brush. Always check the water-absorbing strip of the machines to see whether there are sundries on the strip and whether the pressure on both sides of the water-absorbing strip is adjusted.

Whether the suction pipe has been correctly inserted into the sewage tank, check whether the suction motor is normal. Do not use the floor scrubber in a sloping site or when the slope exceeds 2%. If the slope is small, do not use it laterally. Drive with special care, only go forward but not backward.

It is best to clean the machines after use every day, especially the sewage tank, and the sewage must be drained. The battery of the floor scrubber must be charged in time, and do not use it without power. The above related to the ride-on floor scrubber is over. I hope to bring you some help. If you have demand for the driving type washing machine, welcome to consult and negotiate with us.

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