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The checkpoint about Alton floor scrubber A9 does not drive

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The checkpoint about Alton floor scrubber A9 does not drive

1. Key switch failure :  Multimeter measure whether the key switch connector is on.

2. Emergency stop switch failure :  Multimeter measure whether the emergency stop switch connector is on.

3. Forward and backward switch fault :  Multimeter measure whether the forward and backward switchs connectors are  on.

4. Electromagnetic brake fault : Multimeter to measure the electromagnetic brake resistance (generally about 10-15 ohm) and check whether the electromagnetic brake plug is tightly inserted and whether there is needle shrinkage.

5. Foot acceleration switch fault :  Check whether the accelerator pedal guide rail is deformed, whether there is stuck when the pedal is pressed down, multimeter measure whether there is 24V voltage in the red and black lines of the pedal, whether there is 0-5V voltage between the green output line and the negative pole.

6. Main control board fault :   Check whether the signal bar plug is inserted tightly and there is no shrinking needle phenomenon. Multimeter measures whether the input red and black lines have 24V voltage, and Multimeter measures whether the output red and black lines have 24V voltage.(Measure when Gear is in direction gear; speed is in the middle,;pedal is pressed down)

7. Hibernation and self-test fault :  Key switch opened, electromagnetic brake in closed state, forward and backward switch in neutral, foot accelerator in the original state, power on for 5 seconds, let it skip the self-test,then operate the machine as normal.

8. Drive motor fault :  Manually release the electromagnetic brake, external 24V direct power supply, observe whether the motor is running normally.

9. Battery failure :  Multimeter measure battery pack voltage,it shall not be less than 22V, single battery voltage shall not be less than 5.5V.

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