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The main points of water tank cleaning of the Floor scrubber

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The main points of water tank cleaning of the Floor scrubber

The water tank is an important part of the cleaning work of the Floor scrubber, and it is also an important factor to determine the cleaning effect. Therefore, when using the equipment, the water tank should also be cleaned regularly and timely to ensure good use effect, while not producing dirt. (David Asher, Executive Force North). No matter what form of washing machine equipment, after we clean, we have to throw away the water in the tank.

Because no matter whether it is sewage or clean water, as long as it is left for a long time, bacteria will multiply. When we have emptied the tank of water, we have to clean it. Easy to sink mud into the tank, if we don't take care of it or don't clean it for a long time, it will smell bad, so we have to clean it after every use.

In addition to the above, check the filters. Because the filter is often blocked during use. Water usually has impurities and is easy to clog, so check frequently to avoid this phenomenon. Check the usage status of consumable items. Speaking of consumable items, that is of course our brushes and absorbers. Both of them are very frequent users, and we should check them often.

With the increase of the service life of the Floor scrubber, the phenomenon of aging and wear of various parts continues, and the cleaning force gradually decreases. On the one hand, it has a great relationship with power. Many people know that with the growth of power, the cleaning effect of the scrubber. But we can't just go for electricity. The scrubber's cleaning effect and speed is very similar to that of a barrel. Comprehensive needs to choose the appropriate tax system when purchasing.

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