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The maintenance method of Ride-on sweeper

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The maintenance method of Ride-on sweeper

With the development of the society, as a member of the high-tech cleaning industry, the Ride-on sweeper has been used more and more widely.So how do we usually maintain it?

Ride-on sweeper usually maintenance work is very important, because reasonable maintenance will effectively extend the life of machine use, so it will also improve the efficiency of Ride-on sweeper.In order to ensure the effect of the use of the Ride-on sweeper, it is necessary to do regular inspection and maintenance, so what are the main places we need pay attention to?

First, the side brush of the Ride-on sweeper, the main brush and the sealing plate maintenance

1. Pay attention to the Angle of contact between the  side brush,  the  main  brush and the ground, so that the brush and the ground  will  be completely  parallel,  which  will also improve the efficiency of garbage cleaning.

2. Side brush, the main brush will curl after a long time, with 80 degrees of boiling water, PET material bristles will automatically spring back.

3. Regularly check the length  of the  brush  Angle  of the  side  brush  and the  main  brush to ensure the high efficiency of cleaning.

4. The sealing plate around the main brush should not be damaged.If there is

damage, it is necessary to replace the new sealing plate immediately. 2. Motor maintenance of Ride-on sweeper

1. Regularly check whether there is debris in the motor, and clean  it  up immediately after it is found

2. If the carbon brush motor inside the Ride-on sweeper is found to be too long or too short, please replace it in time.

3. Ensure that there is no debris outside the motor, and the internal carbon brush should not be shorter than the specified length.

3. Battery maintenance of Ride-on sweeper

1. Keep the Ride-on sweeper bottle clean and dry,  especially  those  exposed parts,  such as screws and so on.

2. The electric door lock should be closed when the battery is charged on the Ride-on sweeper. Do not charge the battery upside down.If there is an odor or the battery temperature is too high during the charging process, the charging should be stopped immediately and sent to repair if necessary.When removing the battery to charge, do not touch the electrode ends with wet hands or metals such as keys to avoid burns.

3. Charge the battery frequently to avoid "deep discharge."After the use of the Ride-on sweeper, it is best to charge the same day, do not wait for the power to run out and then charge.

4. Use the special charger that comes with it when charging.Because the battery formula and process are different, the technical requirements of the charger are also different, which kind of charger can be filled with what brand of battery, are not the same, so do not mix the charger.

5. When not used for a long time, it  is  necessary  to charge  once every  month,  and store the electricity in the battery after it is full. Do not store it in the state of loss of electricity.

Four, other matters needing attention

1. Clean the body after each use, keep the vehicle clean, and remove  the dust  in  the car in time.The dirt that can not be removed directly can be easily removed by using a small amount of rosin.

2, check the mechanical parts of tight so if there's any loose, loose the  stepped up in time.

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