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Where Ride on floor scrubber can be applied

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Where Ride on floor scrubber can be applied

Compared with the Walk behind floor scrubber, the Ride-on floor scrubber is more expensive, but it is more time and labor saving. The Ride-on floor scrubber has longer endurance, and the cleaning area is larger than the Walk behind floor scrubber machine. The Ride-on floor scrubber machine is very flexible, like some stains on the edges and corners can be cleaned. You can add detergent in the tank at the same time to add disinfectant, not only can clean up, but also has the role of disinfection and sterilization, it can be said to be very suitable for hospitals, shopping malls, supermarkets, office buildings, hotels, government offices and other public places, the use of large flow of people.

The body of the Ride-on floor scrubber machine is flexible and small, and it can shuttle freely in every corner of the ground. It not only reduces the complicated work of manual washing and dragging, but also avoids the messy scene caused by many cleaning workers. Even if the price of the washing machine is not high, it is very cost-effective. Moreover, it has good cleaning effect, high cleaning efficiency and convenient management. It can be said that it is a good helper of the cleaning industry.

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