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Which kind of Floor scrubber is suitable for cleaning the parking lot?

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Floor scrubber for Parking lot, in the face of the number of cars increasing, the city's infrastructure is also to follow up, the increase of automobile greatly promote the development of the parking lot, so the question comes, how to solve cleaning problem of parking lot, is a headache problem for a lot of people? A Rideo-on Floor scrubber can replace the cleaning efficiency of several people, Ride-on Floor scrubber is your most ideal choice.


The Ride-on Floor scrubber can improve the cleaning efficiency and clean image. Generally, it can be cleaned with water, which is environmental protection and economic. Clean the ground to really take the dirt out of the parking lot, and clean the ground has been wet again, to avoid secondary dust.

If the dirt is more serious, neutral detergent can be used to clean, or general detergent can be used to add a small concentration to the water to make cleaning liquid, oil pollution is more, can be used to clean the oil solution. If it is floor paint, we should also pay attention to the edge of the floor paint not to have water for a long time.

The development of modern parking lot is the inevitable product of the development of urbanization, to do a good job of parking lot cleaning management, actively introduce advanced cleaning equipment and scientific cleaning management methods, not only reflects the level of environmental management ability of a region, but also an important embodiment of the advanced level of property management. The application of the Floor scrubber can improve the efficiency and quality of cleaning, and completely solve the sanitation problem of the parking lot.

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